Custom designed ember attack sprinkler system.

Assessment, design and installation by aprofessional South Coast fire fighterand licensed plumber.



Recent bushfire events have shown an increase in extreme, erratic and unpredictable behaviour.

Experts predict worsening fire seasons ahead that will be longer, hotter and drier.

Our custom designed Ember Attack Sprinkler Protection System can be fitted to any valued structure.

Designed & installed by local South Coast licensed plumber and professional fire fighter (FRNSW) Anthony Walsh.

Our system is guided by research developed by CSIRO on bushfire spray systems for the protection from ember attack (AS3959 & AS5414), fire fighting experience and 30 years plumbing experience.

Give your property the protection it needs.


  • Initial professional assessment of your property.
  • System custom designed and calculated to deliver the correct amount of water necessary to run effectively and efficiently. This includes pump selection, number and type of sprinkler heads, building design and surrounding landscape factors.
  • Installation of complete system – includes pump, fire resistant pipe work, sprinkler heads, tanks and additional hoses for fighting spot fires as required.
  • Water pressure delivered evenly throughout the system to provide protection from ember attack, reduce radiant heat and protect vulnerable entry points (windows, doors, eaves, ridges & valleys).
  • Low reliance on technology to ensure maximum performance in extreme conditions.
  • Durable copper and brass fittings designed to withstand bush fire conditions.
  • Fire rated gutter protector can also be installed.
  • Full training in operation of the system including advice on best practice operation to help you prepare.
  • Consideration given to complement building design.

Give Anthony a call to discuss your options or to arrange a site visit.

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